Notice of Finance Bureau of Sanya Municipal Bureau of Commerce on issuing Special Fund Management Measures for the Development of Sanya Convention and Exhibition Industry (Revised Draft)

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Measures for the administration of special funds for the development of Sanya convention and exhibition Industry

Revised version


Act 1 总则

Article one 为贯彻落实习近平总书记“4.13”Important speech, Central12Document No. 1 and the spirit of the Overall Plan for the Construction of Hainan Free Trade Port,We will make good use of the Hainan free Trade Port policy,Actively cultivate and introduce a number of well-known and influential key exhibition brands,Attract international convention and exhibition organizations and well-known convention and exhibition institutions to settle in Sanya,We will promote the high-quality development of Sanya's convention and exhibition industry,Regulate the management of special funds for the development of the exhibition industry in our city,We will improve the efficiency of the use of government funds,Formulate these measures。

Article 2 The convention and exhibition industry as mentioned in these MeasuresSpecial funds for development (hereinafter referred to asSpecial fund) refers to the special funds arranged in the municipal fiscal year budget for promoting the development of the Municipal convention and exhibition industry。

Article 3 The special funds shall be jointly managed by the Municipal Bureau of Commerce and the Municipal Bureau of Finance。

The Municipal Bureau of Commerce is responsible for the macro guidance and industry statistical analysis of the city's convention and exhibition industry, the compilation and reporting of the annual budget and annual use plan of special funds, the leading organization of project declaration and review, the formulation of fund allocation plans, the allocation of funds, and the performance evaluation of annual special funds。

The Municipal Finance Bureau is responsible for the budget management and fund allocation of special funds, and supervises, inspects and evaluates the use of special funds together with the Municipal Commerce Bureau。

Article 4 Establish the joint conference system of Sanya convention and exhibition industry, coordinate the cultivation and introduction of exhibition projects in the city, and be responsible for reviewing issues related to the allocation of funds for exhibition projects。The joint meeting of the Municipal convention and exhibition industry is presided over by the vice mayor of the Municipal People's Government in charge of the convention and exhibition industry, and the Municipal Commerce Bureau, the Municipal Finance Bureau, the Municipal Tourism and Cultural Bureau, and the Municipal Tourism Promotion Bureau constitute the resident units of the joint meeting, in addition, other industrial departments are convened according to the actual situation。The Joint Conference Office is located in the Municipal Bureau of Commerce, responsible for the daily work of the joint conference, including the organization and coordination of the joint conference, the daily contact of member units, and the collection of exhibition project data, organization and review, and the release of results。The joint conference of the exhibition industry shall be convened in due time according to the needs of the work。

Act 2 Range of support

Article 5 Scope of special fund support:

(1) Fostering and holding conferences and exhibitions that will actively promote the development of Sanya's distinctive and advantageous industries。Focus on supporting tourism, tropical characteristics of efficient agriculture, medical health, trade and logistics, emerging technology, Marine industry, Internet, modern finance, education, sports and other key industrial direction of exhibition activities。

(2) Focusing on the strategic goal of building an international tourism consumption center, high-end consumer products exhibition activities focusing on exhibition and professional procurement。

(3) Major international and domestic exhibition projects introduced or international or national exhibition activities settled in Sanya。

(4) The competent department of convention and exhibition shall carry out the basic work of publicity and promotion, policy research, standard formulation, talent cultivation, statistical analysis, project evaluation, professional consultation and qualification review of the municipal convention and exhibition industry。

(5) Exhibition enterprises certified by international exhibition organizations;International exhibition organizations and large-scale exhibition enterprises have settled in Sanya。

(6) Exhibition projects separately approved and supported by the Municipal government。

Article 6 Under any of the following circumstances, the special fund shall not be supported:

(一)By the court, intellectual property management departmentItems defined as infringing the intellectual property rights of others。

(2) The organizational unit or the application project has been investigated or is under investigation by law enforcement departments for violations of laws and regulations, or the organizational unit has other serious acts of dishonesty and poor credit record。

(C) the event of a group incident, production safety accident, environmental pollution incident or intellectual property disputes, resulting in negative impact or serious consequences (including the exhibition strike, the exhibition, or the occurrence of major complaints verified)。

(4) All kinds of commodity fairs, talent exchange meetings and achievement exhibitions, cultural science exhibitions, auto shows and other projects based on on-site sales。

(5) Exhibition projects that have received other forms of provincial and municipal financial support。

Act 3 支持标准

Article 7 Conference Items:

The duration of the session is more than one day, the accommodation is in2For more than one room night, meetings are arranged in five-star hotels (or equivalent5 star standard), supported according to the following standards:

(1) Overseas meetings

Number of participants in200More than people, the participants are from3Participants from more than one country or region (including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan) or international organizations, of which the number of overseas participants in25%Above, give each night200Yuan subsidy。The total subsidy for a single overseas conference shall not exceed80万元。

(2) Domestic meetings

Number of participants in500People above, give each night120Yuan subsidy。500More than one person,1000The maximum amount of subsidy for a single meeting shall not exceed the number of persons below10万元;1000More than one person,3000The maximum amount of subsidy for a single meeting shall not exceed the number of persons below30万元;3000More than one person,5000The maximum amount of subsidy for a single meeting shall not exceed the number of persons below50万元。

(3) Extra-large meetings

Number of participants in5000More than one person,8000People below,The number of room nights reached5000-7999Night, give6010,000 yuan subsidy;Number of participants in8000More than one person,The number of room nights reached8000Between nights above, give80RMB yuan subsidy。

A large conference held by the same organizer in different periods of time with the same theme shall be regarded as a combined declaration of a conference and cannot be split into multiple conferences for separate declaration。

(4) High-end conferences or forums, international conferences

Hosted by a global international convention and exhibition organization, an international organization or a national industry association (society), the high-end guests attending the eventThe number of people in3Number of experts or top experts5supernominalInternational, national, professional high-end conferences or forums, andICCAInternational conferences included in the database,In addition to the high application according to the above meeting standards, the applicant will be granted a full subsidy for the rental cost of the venue。

(5) Subsidies for off-season meetings

For compliance with the provisions of paragraphs 1 to 4 of this Article, each year56月、9Held in OctoberConference items in accordance with the above criteriaOn the basis of the high calculation of the total subsidy10%

Article VIII Exhibition Items:

(1) New cultivation exhibition projects

1.Identified by the municipal conference and exhibition industry joint meeting in line with the city's industrial development direction, held in our city for the first time andCommitment to long-term cultivation of exhibition activities, the number of exhibition booths per session in200Above the standard booth, the subsidy amount for each exhibition shall be given for the first three sessions150RMB 10,000, the subsidy amount for each exhibition in the last three sessions100万元。The number of subsidy terms shall not exceed six。(Held for less than six years, but changed the exhibition name midway, the main organizer of the exhibition, the exhibition theme and content are basically unchangedIs not regarded as a newly created exhibition)

2.Proportion of foreign exhibitors35%以上In addition to subsidies according to the above standards, the exhibition will be granted20RMB yuan subsidy。

(2) Import exhibition projects

It has been held for more than three consecutive sessions in other cities at home and abroadAnd won the International Exhibition Industry Association (UFI)认证The exhibition project belongs to the industrial chainIt is in line with the industrial development direction of the province and has a high degree of integration with key industries such as tourism, efficient agriculture with tropical characteristics, modern service industry and high-tech industry, and has a leading role10000More than square meters and the number of reduced standard booths is not less than500The amount of subsidy given to each exhibition100万元。In order to encourage the expansion of the scale, in the number of consecutive sessions, based on the standard of the first session held in Sanya, each increase100A standard booth, given5The amount of an incremental subsidy of 10,000 yuan shall not exceed50万。The number of consecutive subsidy sessions for imported exhibitions shall not exceed three sessions。

(3) Off-season exhibition subsidies

In compliance with the provisions of subparagraphs 1 and 2 of this Article,每年56月、9The exhibition project held in OctoberOn the basis of calculating the total amount of subsidies in accordance with the above standards上浮10%

The ninth article The exhibition project shall meet the following requirements:

(1) There were no major complaints during the exhibition。

(b) An exhibition has multiple themes, only eligible themes are subsidized, and the number of booths or exhibition area on the same theme is accounted for。

(C) held in the same year, the main organizer is basically the same, the theme and content of the same exhibition as the same exhibition, in principle should be integrated, if not integrated, the largest exhibition subsidies, other similar types of exhibitions shall not be repeated applications。

(四)Yachts, aircraft, motorhomes, large machinery, etc. are not suitable for indoor exhibition halls, multiplied by the actual exhibition area0.5The coefficient is converted into the standard number of booths to give subsidies。

(5) Art exhibition, jewelry exhibition, luxury goods exhibition and other high-end fine products exhibition is not limited to fixed indoor exhibition venues, according to the actual artistic needs, choose the appropriate hotel or venue。(such as in the ballroom, corridor or room of a five-star hotel)

(六)Apply for exhibition subsidy in the exhibition period3天(含3Days, not including the exhibition arrangement and withdrawal time) or more。

Article ten If a project includes conference and exhibition activities, corresponding subsidies may be applied for respectively in accordance with the relevant standards for conferences and exhibitions stipulated in these Measures。

Article 11 Support major exhibition projects

Exhibition projects that meet one of the following circumstances are included in major exhibition projects and takenThe "one case, one discussion" method is reported to the municipal people's Government for approval to determine the support funds and support methods, and the amount of funds is not limited by the support standards of these measures。

(一)By the global international exhibition organization or well-known exhibition organization, the world500Strong enterprises, international organizations,International exhibition projects held by national industry associations (associations)。

(2) National exhibition projects sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce and other state ministries and commissions。

(3) Large-scale exhibition projects directly sponsored, hosted or supported by the government。

Article 12 Join an international exhibition organization

Membership in the International Exhibition Industry Association (UFIThe city's exhibition enterprises or throughUFIThe certified exhibition brand in the city will be given a one-time reward10Ten thousand yuan;Membership in the International Congress and Conference Association (ICCAThe city's exhibition enterprises to give a one-time reward5万元。

Article 13 Global international exhibition organizations to set up headquarters in Sanya, according to the "Hainan Provincial Headquarters Enterprise identification Management Measures" identified as Hainan headquarters enterprises, in addition to the "Sanya City to promote the economic Development of the Headquarters of the interim Measures" to enjoy the relevant preferential policies, additional给予100Ten thousand yuan reward;Set up Asia Pacific or Greater ChinaRegional office one-time给予50Ten thousand yuan reward;branchdisposable给予30Ten thousand yuan reward;Listed and approved by the Global Exhibition Industry Association (UFICertified large exhibition enterprises, registered in Sanya City to pay taxes according to lawIt is an independent legal entity and is held once a year in our cityActual exhibition area5000Square meters (Standard booth no less than200More than one exhibition, give registered exhibition enterprises30RMB reward。

Article 14 Exhibition industry construction

Municipal Bureau of Commerce for Sanya convention and exhibition industry promotion, exhibition website construction, exhibition industry statistics, training, exhibition project evaluation, topic research and other basic work funds to promote the development of the exhibition industry, in accordance with the provisions of financial management expenses。

Act Four Declaration conditions andsupervisor

Article 15 Declaration conditions

(1) The applicant shall be an enterprise, community organization or institution registered in Sanya City with independent legal personality, good social credit and legal compliance。

(二)The same exhibition project can only be organized by the relevant project units(包括Organizers, undertakers and introducers of exhibition activities)A unit is selected in writing to submit an application。

Article 16 Fund subsidies for exhibition projects shall be managed according to the following procedures:

(1) Project pre-declaration: the applicantSubmit pre-declaration materials to the Municipal Bureau of Commerce。The Municipal Commerce Bureau shall conduct the preliminary examination of the activity materials and inform the preliminary examination results。(Conference and Exhibition only)

(2) Joint meeting identification: Holding a joint meeting of the municipal convention and exhibition industry to consider the necessity of holding the project, evaluating the expected effect, and forming a conclusion of the meeting identification。(Exhibition only)

(3) On-site verification: After the preliminary declaration of the conference project is approved, the exhibition project is approved by the preliminary declaration and the joint meeting is confirmed and agreed to be held, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce will appoint a third-party agency to conduct on-site verification on the day of the event, verify the authenticity, content and scale of the event, and issue the on-site verification results。(Conference and Exhibition only)

(4) Department audit and special audit: submitted written summary materials for conference and exhibition projects approved by on-site verification, and submitted written declaration materials for other projects。The Municipal Bureau of Commerce shall review the integrity of the declared project data, and submit the projects with complete data to the third-party professional accounting firm for review, focusing on the compliance of the project and the authenticity of the data。

(5) Joint meeting review: the audited qualified items are reported to the joint meeting for review, and the conclusion of the meeting is formed。(Exhibition only)

(6) Government approval: In combination with the audit results and the results of the joint meeting review, the Municipal Bureau of Commerce will formulate a fund allocation plan for exhibition projects and report it to the municipal government for approval。

(7) Result publicity: The fund distribution plan approved by the municipal government will be publicized on the Municipal government portal website and the Municipal Commerce Bureau website, and the publicity period is5Working day。

(8) Fund payment: After there is no objection during the publicity period, the Municipal Finance Bureau will allocate funds to the Municipal Commerce Bureau according to the approval results and the relevant provisions of the centralized payment of the Treasury, and then the Municipal Commerce Bureau will allocate funds to the approved unit according to the procedure。

Chapter Five Supervision, management and performance evaluation

Article 17 The reporting unit shall truthfully provide the reporting materials。Those who submit false declaration materials to defraud or illegally declare support, subsidies and reward funds shall be disqualified from reporting and the full amount already allocated shall be recoveredThe applicant, the main person in charge and the relevant responsible person shall be included in the integrity system of the Sanya public credit information sharing platform"Blacklist", in accordance with the law on the credit China (Sanya) website, and 5The special funds for the development of Sanya's convention and exhibition industry shall not be declared during the year。If the circumstances are serious,Investigate their legal responsibility according to law。

Article 18 Staff accepting special funds shall consciously accept the supervision of financial departments, audit departments, discipline inspection and supervision departments, in the process of fund management there is abuse of power, dereliction of duty and other illegal acts, according toAccording to the Regulations on Punishment of Financial Violations(State Council Decree No427No.) and relatedMake provision for处理。

Article 19 The Municipal Bureau of Commerce establishes a special fund performance management system, sets performance targets, carries out performance tracking and organizes performance self-evaluation;The Municipal Finance Bureau shall organize the performance evaluation according to the needs, and take the results of the performance evaluation as an important basis for the next year's fund arrangement。

Article 20 The convention and exhibition activities to which these Measures apply only include meetings, prize Tours and exhibitions。Festivals, events, performing arts and other activities shall be declared to the relevant competent departments such as the Municipal Tourism and Cultural Bureau。


Article 21 In these measures以上”“Not more thanAll include this number;以下This number is not included。

Article 22 The relevant terms of these measures are explained as follows:

(一)Organizing unit: the organizer of the exhibition project, the organizer of the exhibition project and the introduction of the exhibition project。

(2) Long-term cultivation: According to the city's characteristics and advantages of industry planning, the first exhibition held in our city and planned to be held continuously。The number of consecutive sessions should at least exceed6届。

(三Standard booth: international standard, long3.0m*3.0m*2.5m

(4) Actual exhibition area: the area actually used for exhibition on the basis of the leased exhibition area for holding the exhibition, which is divided into indoor and outdoor venues。

(五Large exhibition enterprises: registered capital up to5000Enterprises with an annual turnover of no less than RMB 10,000 yuan or more, engaged in the planning, organization, design and construction of exhibition activities, and undertaking of conference affairs, etc2000万元。

(六Well-known exhibition organizations: through the Global Exhibition Industry Association (UFI), International Exhibition and Project Association (IAEE), the International Congress and Conference Association (ICCAMember institutions certified by international organizations such as professional exhibition or conference organizations;Or annual operation of exhibition space30Institutions over 10,000 square meters;Or introduce more than threeICCAProfessional meeting organizers of international meetings in the database。

(七Global International Exhibition Organization: Global Exhibition Industry Association (UFI), International Exhibition and Project Association (IAEE), the International Congress and Conference Association (ICCA) and other professional exhibition or conference organization。

(viii) International organizations: international intergovernmental and non-governmental organizations included in the Yearbook of International Organizations。

(9) National trade associations or associations: social legal bodies registered and filed with the civil administration department of The State Council and subject to annual inspection。

(10) International Conferences:参考ICCAInternational conference standards in the database, yes至少50A participant;Organize and hold meetings regularly;Must be at least3It is held in rotation by more than one countryThe above conditions must be met at the same time。

(11) High-end guests: domestic and foreign countries (regions) vice ministerial level or above current officials;Nobel Prize winner, academician, Cheung Kong Scholar;world500Strong global Vice president and above;Top universities in the world50College (first yearQSTIMES(The ranking refers to the latest rankings of the three internationally recognized world universities)。

(12) Top experts: meet the Hainan Free Trade Port high-level talent classification standards(2020)It covers tropical agriculture, tourism, the Internet, etc15An area of expertise aboutA类和BRelated standards for talent identification。

(十三Special exhibits booth: such as wine, jewelry, art, etc., can be built according to the actual exhibition needs, special exhibition cases or booths, insufficient9The ㎡ can be regarded as a booth。

(14) The identification of the first three sessions: the first session of the exhibition held in Sanya, and so on, the second and third sessions;The last three sessions are the fourth, fifth and sixth sessions。

(15) Duration of the session: the number of days of the formal session, excluding the number of days before and after the session。If the pre-meeting registration falls on the same day as the formal meeting, it shall be counted as the duration of the meeting。The duration of the session should include at least two hours of activities in the morning and two hours in the afternoon。

(16) Convention and Award tourism: Exhibition and incentive tourism, including conference, convention, exhibition and incentive tourism four components。These Measures relate to"Prize Travel" is only subsidized for meetings, congresses and exhibitions that meet the requirements of the Scheme, with the exception of the incentive travel component。

Article 23 These measuresThe specific application problems are explained by the Municipal Bureau of Commerce20211026Shall come into force and remain valid until20241026日。