Implementation plan for building an innovative province in Hainan

Author: Jiaxin Communication Release time: 2022-03-12

Implementation plan for building an innovative province in Hainan

  To implement the innovation-driven development strategy,We will accelerate the development of innovation-oriented provinces,According to the Overall Plan for the Construction of Hainan Free Trade Port, the Implementation Plan for Accelerating the Opening up and Development of Science and Technology in Hainan (National Science and Technology Development Zone (2019) No. 94), and the Notice of the Ministry of Science and Technology on Issuing Guidelines for Building an Innovative Province (National Science and Technology Development Zone (2016) No. 111),Combined with the reality of our province,Formulate the implementation plan。

  I. General requirements

  (1) Guiding ideology。

  Guided by Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era,认真贯彻落实习近平总书记“4�13”重要讲话精神以及中央关于深化科技体制机制改革和加快实施创新驱动发展的决策部署,Take the construction of innovative provinces as the starting point,Focus on reform and opening up,Take advantage of location,We will implement the strategy of building a strong province through science and technology,To win scientific and technological innovation by extraordinary means,Comprehensively promote the development of "one province, two cities and three high areas",To provide strong scientific and technological support for promoting the construction and high-quality development of Hainan Free Trade Port "three zones and one center"。

  (2) Main objectives。

  到2025年,Build a regional innovation system of "one province, two cities and three highlands" with Hainan characteristics,Haikou City has entered the advanced ranks of innovative cities,Sanya has entered the ranks of innovative cities,An internationally influential innovation highland for seed industry, deep-sea and aerospace science and technology has been established,Lay a solid foundation for the construction of an innovative province,Our province strives to enter the ranks of innovative provinces。

  -- Our capacity for scientific and technological innovation has significantly improved。The proportion of research and development expenditure (R&D) in the total regional gross domestic product (GDP) reached 1.6%, the ranking strives to reach the national medium level, the national innovation platform has reached more than 16, and the innovation ability and innovation level in the field of characteristics and advantages have ranked among the national advanced ranks。

  -- The integration of scientific and technological innovation and industrial development has achieved remarkable results。The number of high-tech enterprises has reached more than 3,000,The number of small and medium-sized technology-based enterprises in storage reached 3,000,The operating income of high-tech enterprises will exceed 250 billion yuan,The output value of high-tech industries reached 800 billion yuan,The scale of the three future industries of "land, sea and air" reached 35 billion yuan,The coverage of R&D institutions in industrial enterprises above designated size has reached more than 50%。

  -- The ecological environment for innovation and entrepreneurship has reached a first-class level in China。The supply quality and efficiency of innovation have been significantly improved, and innovative elements such as talent, technology, capital, projects, and research and development institutions have gathered in Hainan。The number of R&D personnel per 10,000 employees has reached more than 50 people, and the number of invention patents per 10,000 people has reached 6.More than 2, the number of foreigners work permits in the province reached more than 4,500, and the number of high-level talents reached 50,000。

  2. Key tasks

  (1) Creating three major areas of scientific and technological innovation: land, sea and air。

  1.To build a highland of scientific and technological innovation in the seed industry。Accelerate the construction of Nanfan Science and Technology City, build a national Nanfan Scientific research and breeding base (Hainan) with high standards, and promote the construction of seed laboratory in Yazhou Bay, Hainan Province。We will promote the construction of global transfer bases for the introduction of plant and animal germplasm resources, the National Saline-alkali tolerant rice Technology Innovation Center, the National Precision Design Breeding Center, and the national southern crop phenotype facilities。到2025年,Cultivate and introduce 2-5 high-level scientific research teams,Cultivate and introduce 230 high-tech enterprises related to the industrial chain, and the business income reached 20 billion yuan,Build Nanfan Science and Technology City into a global tropical agricultural science center with high-end talents and cutting-edge breeding technology and "Nanfan Silicon Valley",Initially built an internationally influential Hainan free Trade port "land" of scientific and technological innovation highland。

  2.Create a high ground for deep-sea scientific and technological innovation。We will accelerate the construction of a deep-sea science and technology city, cultivate and build a number of State key laboratories in Marine fields, and complete the construction of technology innovation carriers such as the service support base of the Far-reaching Sea Science and Technology Innovation Center, a public platform for deep-sea science and technology innovation, and a deep-sea scientific research dock。A number of scientific research conditions platforms, including the Public Research and Development Base for Marine Biotechnology, the National Marine Comprehensive Test Ground (deep sea), the South China Sea Biodiversity Resource Bank and the biological Germline Bank, have been completed and put into operation。A number of deep-sea research universities, research institutes and technology-based enterprises have set up research institutions in the deep-sea Science and Technology City。By 2025, we will cultivate and introduce 2-5 scientific research teams in the deep-sea field, cultivate and introduce 230 high-tech enterprises related to the industrial chain, and reach 20 billion yuan in business income, and initially build a scientific and technological innovation highland of Hainan Free Trade Port with international influence。

  3.Create a high ground for space science and technology innovation。We will accelerate the construction of the Wenchang International Space City, cultivate and build a State key laboratory for space Earth observation jointly built by provinces and ministries, and build three space science and technology innovation platforms for satellite and arrow development, aerospace advanced manufacturing, launch, and space application。We will accelerate the development of space big data and space information application industries in communications, navigation, remote sensing and satellites, and promote the formation of space tourism industries covering space science popularization, education, tourism and comprehensive services。By 2025, we will cultivate and introduce 1-3 scientific research teams in the field of aerospace, cultivate and introduce 40 high-tech enterprises in related industries, with business income reaching more than 7 billion yuan, and cultivate and form a scientific and technological innovation highland with "empty" Hainan Free Trade Port。

  2. Accelerating the development of strategic emerging industries and industries with special characteristics。

  4.We will accelerate the development of strategic emerging industries and competitive industries。We will improve the ecosystem for innovation and entrepreneurship,We will vigorously develop digital industries such as the Internet, Internet of Things, big data, artificial intelligence, blockchain, electronic information, and information security,Increase investment in research and development,We will support the application and promotion of new technologies in the digital economy,We will actively develop the intelligent manufacturing industry,Promote the integrated development of "assembly + spare parts" and "manufacturing + maintenance"。Relying on the South China Sea oil and gas resources and Yangpu Economic Development Zone, deepen the industrial chain of new petrochemical materials such as aromatics and olefin, vigorously develop new materials, and promote the development of new petrochemical materials industry。We will introduce and cultivate leading enterprises and drug research and development institutions such as pharmaceuticals and medical devices, and promote the development of new biopharmaceuticals, high-end medical devices, modernization of traditional Chinese medicine, and chemical drugs。We will optimize and upgrade the three dominant industries, and vigorously develop clean energy, energy conservation and environmental protection, and high-end food processing industries。By 2025, the output value of strategic emerging industries will reach 650 billion yuan, and the output value of high-tech industries will reach 800 billion yuan。

  5.Strengthen and improve efficient agriculture with tropical characteristics。Focus on the development of rubber, betel nut, coconut, agarwood, yellow pear, flowers, oil tea, Wenchang chicken, Hainan bream, golden pomfret, dragon fruit, mango, lychee, coffee, pig and other 15 variety industries, introduce 200 new and exotic tropical fruit varieties, cultivate and grow leading enterprises, form a tropical characteristic agricultural products advantage area。By 2025, 15 fishing ports will be renovated, upgraded and expanded, 12 Marine ranches will be built, and the output value of efficient agriculture with tropical characteristics will exceed 100 billion yuan。

  3. Promoting regional innovation and development。

  6."North and South poles" lead innovative development。Haikou will build a high-level innovative city, continue to increase scientific and technological investment, and greatly enhance scientific and technological innovation capabilities. By the end of 2025, the proportion of R&D expenditure in regional GDP will strive to reach 2.More than 5%, the number of high-tech enterprises reached 1,800, the business income reached 150 billion yuan, Haikou National high-tech Industrial Development Zone evaluation results ranked in the top 50% of the country。Sanya has become an innovative city。The city's innovation capacity has been significantly improved, high-level innovation entities and major innovation platforms have increased significantly, and by the end of 2025, the proportion of R&D expenditure in regional GDP will strive to reach 2.More than 5%, promote the construction of Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City into a national high-tech industrial development zone, the number of high-tech enterprises reached 600, the business income of more than 50 billion yuan, and promote the innovation-driven development of "Big Sanya" tourism economic circle。

  Seven.We will comprehensively promote innovative development at county level。Accelerate the construction of Boao Lecheng International Medical Tourism Pilot Zone, gather a number of domestic and foreign medical institutions and well-known scientific research institutes, and promote the research and development and application of new medical technologies, new equipment and new drugs。In the west, Danzhou (Yangpu) will be the center to accelerate the innovation and development of shipping logistics, oil and gas chemical industry, Marine fisheries, and efficient agriculture with tropical characteristics。Continue to promote the construction of innovative county (city) in Wuzhishan City,Implement the rural revitalization strategy,We will encourage several counties (cities) with a good foundation for innovation, such as Qionghai City, Wanning City, Wenchang City, Lingshui Li Autonomous County, Chengmai County, and Qiongzhong Li and Miao Autonomous County, to carry out pilot cultivation of national innovative counties (cities),Strive to create 2 or more state-level innovative counties (cities)。

  8.We promoted the development of key industrial parks。Give national and provincial high-tech industrial development zones adequate financial, land and other policy support。Gradually cultivate Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City, Yangpu Economic Development Zone and Wenchang International Space City to be upgraded to national high-tech industrial development zones,The province has formed a sound development pattern of Haikou and Sanya, two national high-tech industrial development zones,To build a national high-tech industrial development zone to radiate and drive the development of high-tech industries in the four regions of the province。We will explore the creation of national demonstration zones for agricultural high-tech industries, and promote the high-quality development of key parks. By 2025, the operating income will reach 1.2 trillion yuan。

  4. Strengthening weak links in our capacity for scientific and technological innovation。

  9.We will strengthen the development of major research infrastructure and innovation platforms。Enlist the support of the Ministry of Science and Technology,Promote the construction of Yazhou Bay laboratory,Focus on the "land, sea and air", biomedicine, ecological environmental protection, tropical characteristics of efficient agriculture, new energy, new materials and other key areas,The introduction of domestic and foreign well-known universities, research institutions, enterprises and related fields of scientific research in the province,We will develop a number of state key laboratories and national platforms for scientific and technological innovation。We will strive to build one to three national major scientific installations or major national scientific research infrastructure, and promote the completion and operation of major scientific research infrastructure such as the deep-sea equipment operation and peacekeeping support base, the national submarine scientific observation Network, the National Space Environment Comprehensive ground-based monitoring network, and the South China Sea Marine Biological Resources Bank。Relying on Boao Super Hospital, we will promote the establishment of a provincial and ministerial advanced technology clinical medical research center。Encourage the development of new research and development institutions, qualified new research and development institutions, can enjoy the corresponding preferential policies in accordance with the law。

  10.We will promote integrated development of science, education, industry and urban areas。We will support Hainan University in building world-class disciplines, and Hainan Normal University, Hainan Medical College, Hainan Institute of Tropical Oceanography, and the National Qiong Research Institute in building national-level innovation platforms。Accelerate the construction of Lingshui Li 'an International Education Innovation Pilot Zone, Sanya Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City public teaching area, Haikou Jiangdong New District Guilin Yang Education Park,Introduce more than 40 well-known universities in China to set up branches,About 10 well-known international schools have been introduced,We will intensify efforts to train innovative talents with an international perspective,We will promote integrated development of science, education, industry and urban areas。We will actively introduce national scientific research institutes such as Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Engineering, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China Electronics Group, China Shipbuilding and other enterprises on science and technology regulations to establish innovation carriers in Hainan, transform scientific and technological achievements, and rapidly enhance the scientific and technological innovation power of Hainan Free Trade Port。

  11.We will strengthen the dominant position of enterprises in innovation。We will implement and introduce relevant supporting policies,We will establish a echelon cultivation mechanism for leading science and technology enterprises, high-tech enterprises, and small and medium-sized science and technology enterprises,The implementation of listed companies to cultivate "Jianfengling" action, high-tech enterprises "elite action", specialized special new enterprises or "single champion" enterprises "Young eagle action", small rising regulation enterprises "growth action" and other four types of market entity cultivation programs,We will create strong momentum and lasting momentum for the high-quality development of the real economy。To study and formulate measures for the identification and management of provincial-level enterprise R&D institutions, and encourage enterprises to take the lead in or participate in the construction of industrial innovation platforms and academician innovation platforms such as enterprise technology innovation centers, enterprise technology research institutes, and joint key laboratories, so as to stimulate the vitality of enterprise technological innovation。

  5. Greater openness and innovation。

  12.We will promote the development of Hainan International offshore innovation and Entrepreneurship Demonstration Zone。Encourage key parks to set up international offshore innovation and entrepreneurship pilot zones, supporting preferential policies to support Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and overseas scientific research institutions, science and technology enterprises, innovation teams to build innovation and entrepreneurship bases in international offshore innovation and entrepreneurship pilot zones。An international science and technology big data platform will be built in the pilot zone to provide specialized international science and technology information and cross-border data flow services for domestic and foreign researchers。Deepen cooperation with Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Shenzhen, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Sichuan, Hunan and other provinces and cities, and jointly conquer a number of key core technologies in industries。To promote scientific and technological cooperation with the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and Belt and Road countries and regions, build joint laboratories and science parks, and jointly implement international big science plans and projects。

  13.We will implement the project to attract talents and talents。We will establish a system for high-level foreign talents to serve as the host or chief scientist of science and technology projects, and improve the channels for evaluating the titles of high-level overseas talents。We will improve the service security system for international talents, and establish channels for providing social security services such as housing security, children's schooling and medical care。We will improve the academician innovation platform and the "migratory bird" flexible talent introduction mechanism, and give play to the role of flexible high-level talents。We will implement the innovation plan for scientific and technological talents, set up low-threshold, medium-threshold and high-threshold scientific and technological talents innovation projects, vigorously train a reserve army of young scientific and technological talents in the form of research project funding, constantly increase the number of scientific and technological talents, and support doctoral students, master's students and outstanding undergraduates to participate in scientific and technological projects。Strengthen the main position of employers in talent evaluation, and improve the scientific and technological talent evaluation system guided by innovation ability, quality, effectiveness and contribution。By 2025, the number of high-level talents will reach 50,000。

  14.Implementing international scientific and technological cooperation projects。Focusing on the common scientific issues facing the world, such as addressing climate change, life and health, and protecting biodiversity, we will carry out international scientific and technological cooperation projects, and build Hainan into a highland of scientific and technological openness and innovation。

  (6) The construction of "three districts and one center"。

  Fifteen.Science and technology promote the construction of international tourism consumption center。We will deepen the integration of science and technology with tourism,Tourism resources such as seed industry, deep sea, aerospace, efficient agriculture with tropical characteristics, tropical rainforests, wetlands, geology, and folk culture should be fully explored,Using sound, light, electricity, virtual reality technology,Create popular science tourism products,Improve tourism quality,To support the construction of Hainan International tourism consumption Center。Vigorously develop the new generation of information technology, improve the "Internet +" consumption ecosystem, and promote "smart tourism"。

  16.Science and technology contribute to the construction of national ecological civilization pilot zones。We will promote the construction of tropical rainforest national parks, and promote the research and development and application of technologies in the fields of plastic reduction and clean energy。Develop and demonstrate key technologies of "Green" and "Blue"。In the key areas of carbon peak and carbon neutrality, pollution control, land and sea ecological protection and restoration, ecological monitoring and evaluation, biodiversity protection, smart environmental protection and so on,Carry out research on key technologies and research and development of advanced equipment,We will promote the development of near-zero carbon emission demonstration zones,To play a scientific and technological supporting role in promoting the construction of the national ecological civilization pilot zone。

  17.Science and technology serves as a national major strategic service guarantee area。We will strengthen the coordinated development of military and civilian support in infrastructure, science and technology。We will promote the pilot construction of the "Smart Ocean" project, step up research and development efforts, support the construction of a smart ocean system integrating Marine information perception, information communication, Marine big data platforms, intelligent application of comprehensive Marine management, and operation and maintenance support systems, and provide scientific and technological support for the construction of major national strategic security areas。

  18.We will promote innovation in science and technology systems and mechanisms in the construction of pilot zones for comprehensively deepening reform and opening up。To give researchers the employee-developed technology ownership or right of use for a long time, the implementation of position transformation of scientific and technological achievements cash incentives and related tax policies。Build a national demonstration zone for the transformation of scientific and technological achievements in Hainan, promote the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements by demonstration, and strengthen the application demonstration of achievements and scene innovation。Accelerate the construction of the national new drug transformation base, and promote the transformation of major national new drug creation results in Hainan。Strengthen intellectual property management and services, with Yazhou Bay Science and Technology City as a pilot area, to create Sanya Yazhou Bay intellectual property Special Zone。We will deepen reform of the management of science and technology programs and promote the integrity of scientific research。We undertook the task of piloting the reform of the evaluation of scientific and technological achievements nationwide, and worked hard to build a national experimental field for the reform of scientific and technological innovation systems and mechanisms。

  3. Organization and implementation

  19.Strengthen organizational leadership, pay attention to assessment and supervision。On the basis of the provincial task force on winning scientific and technological innovation, improve the joint conference system for the construction of innovative provinces led by the main leaders of the provincial government, strengthen the coordination of the construction of innovative provinces across departments, across regions and across industries, clarify the division of responsibilities, and introduce supporting measures。Strengthen supervision and assessment, hold joint meetings regularly, organize the monitoring and evaluation of the construction of innovative provinces and innovative cities, and study and promote the implementation of various goals and tasks。Cities, counties and units with significant improvement in innovation capacity and better completion of construction tasks will be commended and rewarded。

  20.We will increase financial input to stimulate innovation。We will gradually increase government investment in science and technology, optimize the structure of investment in science and technology, strengthen the guiding role of government funds, and stimulate and guide a substantial increase in investment in research and development。

  Twenty-one.Establish a system of policies and regulations to support innovation。Implement the "Several Regulations on Science and Technology Opening and Innovation of Hainan Free Trade Port", and improve the local laws and regulations on science and technology innovation of Hainan Free Trade Port。We will introduce policies to encourage enterprises to increase investment in research and development and set up research and development platforms, and mobilize enterprises to increase their enthusiasm for research and development。

  Twenty-two.We will implement the three-year action plan to win scientific and technological innovation by extraordinary means。Formulate supporting measures to win the three-year action plan for scientific and technological innovation, implement the tasks of the action plan in detail, and achieve "six times" and "six breakthroughs" in the coverage of research and development institutions of industrial enterprises above designated size, including scientific research investment, research platforms, national science and technology projects, high number and revenue.。

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